How To Become An English Teacher

 English Teacher-Introduction

If your goal is to become an English teacher and you want to know more and most important things briefly about how to become an English teacher, then here is a perfect solution for you.

How to become an English teacher
How to be an English teacher

Today I am going to discuss everything that a beginner English teacher should know. Well, what will you learn from today’s lesson? Let’s have a quick look-

*What does an English teacher do

*How to become an English teacher in a different country based

*How hard it is to become an English teacher

*What makes a good English teacher

*How much does an English teacher make in a different country based

*How to become a certified English teacher

*Why it’s never too late to become an English teacher

*Duties and Responsibilities of an English teacher

In the United States, I’ve found that high school and college English instructors are frequently socially separated from other professional groups. English instructors, like police officers and firefighters, work together.

It was unusual to find an English postsecondary teacher in nearly every social gathering I’d met. When I’ve met an English instructor in the past, they’ve always been with their buddies who worked in the same field. 

I’m generalizing, so I may be incorrect, but I’m speaking from personal experience, and it’s always been this way for me. The main reason could be the lack of professionalism.

That’s why I am suggesting every person who wants to be an English high school teacher, make your time and read this article. Perhaps, you could learn something valuable things by through this. 

*What does an English teacher do?

An English teacher’s responsibilities will vary based on the degree of pupils he or she instructs. 

  1. An English teacher’s typical daily responsibilities include planning, assigning, and grading classes and assignments. 
  2. Evaluating pupils and providing progress reports.
  3.  In the classroom, they teach students through lectures and hands-on exercises. 
  4. It is sometimes essential to behave with pupils on the same possible level as a participant to improve learning efficacy. 
  5. Teachers are expected to evaluate their pupils’ progress and behavior by correcting them and providing feedback. 
  6. Organizing -Good organization is essential when preparing a syllabus, a lesson, or even a single activity since it aids in student discipline.
  7. Teachers that develop excellent resources are well-liked by their pupils and receive positive comments. 
  8. If you want to be a successful English teacher, you need to constantly study the newest teaching ideas and apply them to your practice. 
  9. A local teacher training facility can help you get a head start on acquiring new skills, honing current ones, and learning how to collaborate with others.

*How to become an English teacher in a different country based

Grasp of sentence structure: A firm grasp of sentence structure grammar, vocabulary, accent, and literature is required of an English instructor. 

A bachelor’s degree: To work as an English teacher, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. 

Internship: Obtain an English and associated disciplines, such as reading and literature, student teaching internship.

Get a certificate: After completing your degree and internship, you can sit for the state teaching certification exam. 

Create a resume and apply: Use your CV to apply for English teaching opportunities that interest you. Examine the required credentials to verify you’re a good fit for the positions you’re applying for.

 Take help from Apps: No matter how skilled a teacher you are, you will occasionally want assistance. This is when applications come in handy. English instructors may use various applications to help them prepare courses, manage classrooms, and connect with students.

Final consideration: Consider the type of teacher you want to be and the abilities you want to develop. This will assist you in identifying your flaws and learning new techniques.

Additional Requirements to Teach English Abroad? 

It depends on where you want to teach if you need to be a native English speaker.

 Although many Latin American nations do not care if you are a native English speaker, the Gulf states and several central Asian countries, such as China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, prefer to recruit native English speakers.

 Being a native English-speaking national citizen is a prerequisite for specific programs, such as the Cultural Ambassador program in Spain.

If you’re under the age of 20, getting a full-time teaching position may be difficult. However, criteria may change from one nation to the next and from one school to the next. Having a TEFL certificate will undoubtedly broaden your choices.

There are many places to teach abroad like –

1) Teach English in Haiti. 

2) Teach English in Paraguay  

3) Teach English in Armenia

4) Teach English in Macau

5) Teach English in Venezuela

6) Teach English in Lithuania

7) Teach English in Belarus

8) Teach English in Ethiopia

9) TTeach English in Martinique 

10) Teach English in Palestine

11) Teach English in Spanish 

12) Teach English in Miami

13) Teach English in Quebec 

14) Teach English in Slovenia

Above mentioned countries are great places to teach. Give it a try if you want to gain experience. 

*How hard it is to become an English teacher

It’s not very difficult, in my opinion. A lot of it is about planning, managing students, motivating students, and so on… That sort of thing that all teachers have to deal with. It’s unremarkable in any way. 

Things will get easier if you are enthusiastic about what you are going to undertake. To assess the difficulty of anything is to determine the problem of it for you.

The most challenging aspect of being an English teacher is not having the necessary abilities or qualifications, but they are also essential factors. 

The most important attribute of a successful teacher is complete dedication – to every student, to the schools in which they work, to their careers/professions, and, in some ways, to the educational system. 

*What makes a good English teacher

A good English teacher understands that pupils interested and eager to learn will make the most progress. So, how can we keep our kids engaged in their studies?

Teachers should pay attention to what students desire and ensure that students understand their own needs and objectives and how to accomplish them.

 We urge all instructors to attend seminars and training days and the movement whenever feasible since the finest teachers are those who are focused on their growth.

An English teacher isn’t only in the business of teaching; he or she is also in edutainment. 

Get the learners to talk and listen at the same time. Assist them in developing an English ear. It may be appropriate to teach the how of English—grammar, irregularities, and so on—as they get a sense of the language.

*How much does an English teacher make in a different country

Can you guess an English teacher’s salary or average income? If you don’t know the range, then stay tuned. I will reveal English teacher salaries in every sector. 

English teacher salary
English teacher salary

Since 2018, the number of occupations requiring ESL certification has increased by 481.08 percent. This credential earns English teachers +45.42 percent more than the average base wage of $19.08 per hour.

How much does a High School English Teacher make in the United States?-

As of May 27, 2021, the average High School English Teacher pay in the United States is $49,630, with a salary range of $40,405 to $68,638. Salary contents can vary dramatically based on a variety of factors.

Teaching English abroad salaries 

Although teaching English in another country will never place you on the Forbes list of world billionaires, it can pay well enough to put money in your savings account.

It’s entirely feasible and attainable to earn a respectable income as a teacher overseas, ranging from $2,000 to over $6,000 per month in top-paying nations, depending on the location, area, experience, and certifications.

How much does an English teacher make in Japan?

You may expect to earn between 200,000 and 600,000 Yen ($1,700 – 5,000 USD) per month as an ESL instructor in Japan. Tutoring fees are usually approximately 3,000 Yen ($28) per hour.

How much does an English teacher make in South Korea or Korea?

First-time Monthly pay for English instructors in South Korea working in public schools through programs like EPIK range from 1.5 to 3 million won ($1,150 to USD 2,650). Private school English instructors (Hagwons) earn between 1.9 and 2.4 million won ($1,600 – USD 2,000) a month.

How much does an English teacher make in China?

In 2021, most English instructors in China will save the equivalent of $600 – $1,750 a month after expenditures. After costs, some instructors may hold more than $1,500 per month or up to $20,000 per year.

How much does an English teacher make in Mexico?

The average gross income for an English teacher in Monterrey, Mexico, is $407,135 per year, or $196 per hour. This is $26,000 more than the average English teacher income in Mexico (+$83,096). They also get a bonus of $10,993 on average.

How much does an English teacher make in Canada?

The average annual income for an English teacher in Canada is $42,900, or $22 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level occupations start at $35,100 per year, with the highest-paid professionals earning up to $58,512 per year.

How much does an English teacher make in Spain?

In Spain, English instructors earn a wide range of hourly salaries. The typical hourly wage is between 12 and 16 euros, although rates can range from 10 to 25 euros.

How much does an English teacher make in Dubai?

One of the highest-paying occupations in the UAE is teaching English. Teachers in Dubai earn between $2,800 and $3,500 a year, depending on experience and the type of institution.

How much does an English teacher make in Germany?

Most teachers in Germany will need TEFL or CELTA certification and a university degree to teach English. In Germany, the average monthly income for a teacher is between $2,500 and $4,800.

How much does an English teacher make in Thailand?

An ESL teacher’s monthly pay ranges from 30-40,000 Thai Baht (about $1,000) in Thailand. Some colleges may begin with a lower starting salary, but there is no reason to accept a position that pays less than that.

*How to become a certified English teacher

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is one of the most well-known ESL certificates. According to a study, the median yearly pay for ESL teachers was $44,483 per year in 2020.

Teachers of English as a second or foreign language can acquire certifications in the subject (ESL or EFL). This qualifies instructors for an ESL/TESOL topic recommendation on their teaching license in several countries.

ESL: What is English as a Second Language (ESL) Certification? Your completion of a structured course to teach English as a second language earns you ESL certification. Most institutions need a TESL certification that involves at least 120 hours of instruction, and completing a TESL certification program can take anywhere from 6 months to a year or longer.

TESOL: A TESOL certification (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a significant asset for teachers interested in working in the ESL profession. It is a flexible qualification that increases the likelihood of a teacher being employed. Enrolling in an online course is the most systematic approach to obtaining TESOL certification requirements.

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*Why it’s never too late to become an Instructor of English

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking of becoming a teacher later in life. Perhaps you didn’t realize teaching was your calling until recently, or maybe you desire a change.

The quick answer is that it is never too late to pursue a career as an English teacher.

Starting a teaching profession at the age of 40 might be difficult, but it is not impossible. If you already have a college diploma, You should give a try to become an English teacher. 

If you believe you have a bright future as a teacher, even if you spent the early portion of your career doing anything else, we encourage you to take the plunge. 

*Duties and Responsibilities of an English teacher

Responsibilities of an English teacher
Responsibilities of an English teacher

Patience, persistence, and flexibility are all traits that good instructors should possess. These are some of the essential characteristics that can aid students in academic success. The features that a competent English language instructor should have are as follows:

  • Lesson planning, preparation, and delivery 
  • developing instructional materials 
  • assisting students in improving their listening skills 
  • A responsible teacher should inform parents about their children’s performance. 
  • Individual and group lessons are used to enhance speaking, reading, and writing abilities. 
  • examining and grading students’ work 
  • Organizing and delivering specialized training. 
  • Identify kids who have unique needs and provide personalized programs for them. 
  • Maintain a patient and tenacious demeanor.

Final Thoughts

Being an Educator of English language is not so difficult or easy. All you need to have is self-determination and self-confidence. Set your goal and work hard for it. Follow the steps I mentioned above.

“How to become an English teacher” is no more a concern for you. Go and make your dream happens. 

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